[New Born Story 10] “DBT helped boost my self-esteem”

DBT 치료기간: 6개
DBT 치료효과: 자존감 증진
, 대인관계 및 감정조절 어려움 감소

I felt hopeless and lethargic when I first visited the tree Group. I gave myself a hard time by concluding in advance that I couldn’t do anything on my own. Although I wanted to meet people and catch up, I was afraid. I disconnected myself from others, couldn’t keep up with my work, and was depressed.

Throughout the DBT sessions, I met people in a safe place where I was supported and waited for despite the mistakes I make. I was able to practice listening and talking to others. It wasn’t just practicing having a conversation with others, but the sessions helped me to proactively establish positive relationships with people in life.   

Now that I think about it, things that I used to consider difficult and scared feels even more so because I’ve never gave an attempt on it.  If you practice once, you can do things that you thought were difficult. But through DBT classes, I learned and practiced skills that I needed in my life that I couldn’t do because I was scared.  

In addition to interpersonal relationships, I was able to gradually control my emotional state that used to have significant fluctuations. I was able to spare energy and use it to develop myself. I started to believe that by being proactive and taking initiative, I can change the dark and hopeless future. Now, I am studying to do what I can be good at and want to do. I used to worry over what I can do for a living, but I don’t anymore. It’s probably because I’m getting to know that it’s not a big deal if I empty my mind and look straight at it than worry about it.  

Lastly, I thank all the teachers and the clinicians. The best thing I gained from this process is enhanced self-esteem. Thank you for letting me know that I am not defined by others. I will cherish the lessons I learned and live a happy life.

Thank you for letting me know that I am not defined by others.
I will cherish the lessons I learned and live a happy life.”

*We are sharing the testimonials of the Tree Group Psychological Clinic participants upon their consent. 

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