DBT Treatment Duration: 12 months
DBT Treatment Results:
Resolved suicidal crises, improvements in emotion regulation and interpersonal relationships

A year ago, I did not know the skills needed to regulate my emotions. I was overwhelmed with my emotions most of the time and expressed them at the highest level. This ruined my interpersonal relationships and started to negatively affect me at work as well putting me in a huge dilemma.  

But with the help of DBT group sessions and individual counseling sessions, I became more mature and skilled in regulating my emotions. Problems in my interpersonal relationships were resolved and so were those that I had to struggle with at work. I developed my willingness and the ability to overcome them.   

Now I have the motivation and courage to attempt new challenges, I am no longer worried or anxious about getting along with people, but rather I look forward to the new encounters.   

DBT is a grateful teacher and a friend that found me a new life. 

*We are sharing the testimonials of the Tree Group Psychological Clinic participants upon their consent.