The Science of Mind, pursuing the highest standards

The Tree Group is an organization of professionals in the areas of psychology and related applied sciences who dedicate themselves to the psychological welfare of individuals and the organizations that they belong to.

We provide both individual and corporate level psychological services including comprehensive psychological assessments, evidence-based clinical and forensic services, psycho-social research and training of employees and professionals.

Our professionals and associates support the protection of human rights around the world and contribute their time and expertise to treating the survivors of various physical and emotional traumas. We strongly believe that the best psychological practice is based on genuine understanding of the actual circumstances of human beings. We pursue the highest professional standards and believe in the success and the fostering of creative change within our clients.

Center for International Psychological Services

The Center for International Psychological Services provides specialized psychological and behavioral health services for people from the International community who are experiencing psychological and emotional difficulties.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Center of Korea

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a specialized treatment to help people who suffer from intolerable emotional pain that detrimentally impacts their quality of life.

Active Learning Center

The Active Learning Center is a place for students who are struggling academically at English speaking international schools or boarding schools and Korean speaking schools.

the Tree Group Press

The Tree Group Press publishes a variety of credited psychology publications and related subjects.

Forensic Psychological Services

Clinical-Forensic Psychology is the field of applied clinical psychology that assists justice systems in understanding the psychological status of victims or suspects.