When is it a good time to start the Active Learning Program?

We recommend students start the Active Learning Program if they show any of the behaviors or symptoms below:

◦ If he/she is getting feedback from their school regarding poor performance on homework and/or tests.
◦ When he/she finds it difficult to concentrate and study at home.
◦ When he/she constantly procrastinates and puts off work.
◦ When he/she shows high levels of intelligence but does not have the will to do homework and study.
◦ When he/she shows problems and signs of difficulty in reading comprehension.
◦ When he/she finds basic concepts and calculations in math and science difficult.
◦ When he/she shows no signs of improved English, although having attended a English speaking school for over a year.
◦ When he/she finds it difficult to remember basic instructions and study materials.
◦ When he/she shows problems in Working Memory.
◦ When he/she shows signs of emotional problems such as Anxiety and/or Depression or behavioral problems such as         refusing to go to school.
◦ When he/she has difficulties in learning due to Pervasive Developmental Disorder and/or ADHD.