Whom is the Active Learning Program designed for?

The Active Learning Program is for students in International Schools in Korea or abroad, as well as in boarding schools or any other English-speaking school, who currently experience difficulties in their academic endeavors or those who are under-performing. The program is most effective for students who are constantly getting negative feedback from their school because of their lack of good learning habits and motivation, as well as for parents who are struggling because of their children’s lower performance in school. The program is also suited for students whose lack of learning strategies cause them to underachieve despite their efforts. The Active Learning Program hopes to assist parents with concerns such as “My child does not make an effort,” “My child does not get good results although he/she tries very hard,” or, “My child does not realize why he/she needs to study.”

Who are the Active Learning Specialists?

All programs in the Active Learning Center are run by Active Learning Specialists who have majored in Psychology and have gone through extensive professional training in Psychology. Active Learning Specialists keenly monitor students’ psychological and behavioral states as well as his/her academic circumstances and interact with them effectively.  They keep periodic contact with parents, teachers, school counselors, academic support teachers, and principals in order to prepare and run a program ideally suited for each student. Each student works with one Active Learning Specialist and one to two—depending on the program—Active Learning Tutor(s) are assigned to aid the student’s participation in the program

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