[ALC] 2021 Winter Term and Seasonal Program

Happy New Year! We sincerely wish you a year fully loaded with happiness and good health. Starting this year, the Tree Group’s School of Life – Active Learning Program is implementing the Term System instead of the Semester System in order to pursue a more thorough psycho-educational and clinical program. One year is divided into… Read More

[ALC] 2020 Winter Intensive Program

Introducing School of Life- Active Learning Winter Intensive Program! Program Date: 12.15.2020 (Tues) ~ 01.09.2021 (Sat) (4 weeks long) *Depending on the school’s or student’s schedule, the participating dates will differ. If you have any questions regarding the duration of the program, please contact the Tree Group directly. What is the Active Learning Intensive Winter… Read More

[ALC] Acquiring a Language through Body Movements and Story-telling

Acquiring a language involves the entire process of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and its purpose is to communicate with the other person in a seamless manner. In this process, children can be very active participants, and the Active Learners at Active Learning Center learn and acquire languages expressed in letters that seem challenging, sometimes… Read More

[ALC] Parent-Teacher Conference, the Aftermath

A considerable number of international schools hold Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) in October and November. It is an important meeting where parents can get feedback on their children’s academic performances, social interactions, and others. Have you received comments such as the ones below from the school? He/She finds it difficult to concentrate when studying. He/she has… Read More

[ALC] Chuseok Break

Hello, this is the Tree Group. The unprecedentedly long raining season finally came to an end, and it has already been a month since fall officially started. Although many aspects of our lives are restricted due to COVID-19, we sincerely wish that you had an enjoyable September. With Chuseok and the National Foundation Day coming… Read More

[IPS] Guidelines for Analyzing WAIS-IV/WISC-V

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-IV (WAIS-IV) and Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-V (WISC-V) are intelligence tests that measure an adult’s and a child’s intellectual ability and five cognitive domains that impact performance. These tests have taken a crucial role in psychological testing as they can help provide concise analyses on one’s psychological state along with other… Read More