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The Tree Group’s Active Learning Program will mark the Spring Term on 14th March, during which the children with language development, English acquisition problems, and emotional behavior problems can welcome the upcoming season with excitement.


The ultimate goal of Active Learning Program is to analyze children’s difficulties in depth through the comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation and develop the detailed psycho-educational strategies, allowing them to discover and acquire ways to learn by modifying their behavioral problems.


School of Life: Here’s a story of a child participating in our Active Learning Program.


“Child A, who is attending an English-speaking school, was unable to concentrate on class without confidence. As a result of the evaluation of bilingual comprehensive psycholo-educational evaluation, it was found that despite his excellent intellectual skills, it was difficult to understand the contents of school classes due to poor early English development.


The Tree Group’s Active Learning Program, we observed, applied, and helped Child A to acquire the individualized psycholo-educational strategies. As a result, my child started understanding lessons at school and shared what he enjoyed learning with his parents.”


School of Life is an opportunity to change children’s lives and futures.


If you want to register for the spring semester or have any questions, please contact us and we will kindly guide you.


Spring semester period: 2023.03.14 (Tue) to 2023.06.10 (Sat) [13 weeks]


More information about the active learning program can be found on the website below.


– School of Life – Active Learning Center Link

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The Tree Group/Active Learning Center 02-557-8823

2023 Active Learning Winter Intensive Program

“Some parents with children who have language development and acquisition delays
and/or emotional and behavioral difficulties come to our clinic,
and they say that the number of medication is growing
but the children do not get better.

I have to calmly explain to them that the children will not get better immediately.
I have to explain that it takes time
because the children have developed secondary symptoms already
on top of their initial language or learning difficulties.

Our School of Life | Active Learning Center is a special place just for those children.
Accepting the child’s current conditions calmly,
developing and implementing neuropsychological routes to treat the developmental delay.

Some of the children who came to us are now looking forward to going to college.
They have completed college preparation which seemed impossible in the beginning.

We invite parents and children who want to make small miracles
through our 2023 Winter Intensive Program."
Yong Cho | Clinical Psychologist, the Tree Group / School of Life Active Learning Center

2023 Active Learning Winter Intensive Psycho-educational Program

When the bright, kind child who was exposed to English at birth came to the clinic for the first time, he did not answer other people’s questions and showed signs of depression. According to his comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation, his English development was delayed and he showed difficulties in phonemic awareness and phonetic recognition. 


School of Life – Active Learning Center’s team of clinicians developed individualized psycho-educational strategies and implemented them. Consequently, the child started being aware of the sounds of different letters and the word meaning. He no longer presents with a quiet voice. His loud, confident voice echoes in the clinic. He is now happily conversing with teachers and parents without avoiding challenges and continues to develop his own strategies like a hero.


The Tree Group’s Active Learning Programs aim to help children’s developmental, emotional, behavioral difficulties and to improve their learning behavior by stimulating their language acquisition. The ultimate goal is to evaluate the child’s difficulties through a comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation and to develop individualized behavioral strategies, so that the child can have the problem behaviors treated and acquire independent learning habits. If you are interested in the program, please find the details below. 

2022.12.13(Tue) ~ 2023.02.25(Sat) [11 weeks]


*The program period may vary depending on the child’s school or personal winter break schedule.



• 5 days per week from Tuesday – Saturday / 5 or 6 hours per day

• Weekly program schedule

   ➞ Clinical session: 1 hour (or more than 1 hour considering the child’s condition)

   ➞ Active Learning Center: 12-15 hours

   ➞ Self-studying sessions (ABCMM): 9-14 hours

   ➞ Total of 25-30 sessions per week



• Due: 2022.11.29 (Tue)

• Payment due date: 2022.12.06 (Tue)

• For more information: / 02-557-8823

• Online registration: 

If you would like to know more information about our Active Learning program, please check the links below. 


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Yekyung Kim | Active Learning Coordinator, Active Learning Center / the Tree Group