Mission and Philosophy

We value the life of human beings and protect individuals’ human rights

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Center of Korea was established to relieve human suffering with the dedicated efforts of psychologists who are educated and trained in the U.S. and Korea. We value the life of human beings and protect individual’s human rights. It is our mission to assist our clients with learning how to live a successful life and to achieve their personal goals and happiness with our specialized DBT service.

As an educational and training institution as well as a clinical service provider, we observe he ethical guidelines of the American Psychological Association. Its suggested ethical requirements to protect individual human rights and to properly educate and train future DBT clinicians are enforced in our center in Korea. It is our deep concern that proper professional ethical standards are easily compromised in Korea which lowers the quality of clinical and educational services. To ensure our commitment, we work closely with the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Center of Seattle and Dr. Marsha Linehan.

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