DBT 2 Class for Professionals

The last class of our DBT 2 Class for Professionals program was held in Retreat Soom.

Throw: “AH!” and raise both arms – Catch: “AH!” and raise both arms, “HAHAHA” and stomp

“The sound ball activity among the various mindfulness skill activities in DBT was definitely the most exciting. The class taught me specific skills that are used in DBT.”

– Clinician at D Development Center

This week’s homework is to use the WHAT skills in DBT and do house chores with a mindful mind!

“Practicing DBT skills each week for homework has helped me as a clinician to stay mindful when I am doing little things. I hope to use the skills wisely in my everyday life.”

-Manager at K Clinic


Learning to love myself

I had doubted the purpose of life when I had to tolerate the painful difficulties, although I understood that life cannot be always without obstacles.