DBT Class for Young Adults

Young adults in the 21st century are challenged with over-flowing information and

numerous choices.

‘What would my future look like? What do I want?’

‘Who am I?

24-hour online communication,

with rapid changes in our society can be overwhelming.

To cope with emotional stress and instability that we experience,

and to live as the ‘authentic self,’

WHAT skills do we need?

Join us on our ‘journey to find ourselves’ with DBT Class for Young Adults,

for late teens through early twenties, high school and college students!

This DBT Class for Young Adults is consisted of 4 modules:

Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation and

Interpersonal Effectiveness.

Your class begins at 2pm every Saturday with a class leader who will assist you to experience various skills and apply each skill to your everyday life,

Our hope is to set a stepping stone for your journey to a mindful life!

***Due to CoronaVirus19, this DBT class has been postponed to April, 2020.***

For more information, please contact TheTreeGroup/DBT Center of Korea at 02-557-8823.


DBT Half-smile

In the previous DBT skills training group, we practiced the Opposite Action skill through the half-smile mindfulness to experience one of the emotion regulation skills. 

GLAD technique

[Mindfulness Today 08] GLAD technique Notice happiness from the mindful

Learning to love myself

I had doubted the purpose of life when I had to tolerate the painful difficulties, although I understood that life cannot be always without obstacles.