[Mindfulness Today 08]
GLAD technique

Notice happiness from the mindful moments

By 이승하 Seungha Lee, MSc

In the previous DBT skills training group, we practiced the Gratitude, Learned, Accomplishment, Delight (GLAD) Technique to experience the mindfulness of having a peaceful state of mind.  


Read the following instructions, and notice the happiness from the mindful moments.  

Think of something you are thankful for today. 


Your gratitude might be as simple as a warm roof over your head, having water or food that gives you the energy to get through the day. Or your gratitude might be appreciating your significant others; friends, family, or any meaningful relationship that you may have. 

Think of what you learned today. 


You might have learned something new about yourself or others


You could have had new perspectives from books or experiences 

Think of your accomplishments. 


One might believe that an accomplishment involves a big event, but it does not have to be. 

Daily goals, such  as  having  enough  sleep  or  visiting  a  cafe  you  wanted  to tryare self-caring behaviors that allow you to take small steps forward 

Finallythink of one thing that brought you delight


Anything that made you smile or laugh that made you feel joyIt could be looking up at the blue sky or embracing or waking up to the smell of coffee.  

Reflect on your gratitudelearningaccomplishments and delight today and 

notice that you can feel the warmth and the peace at any momentwherever you are.  

Adapted from The Mindfulness Toolbox by Donald Altman, this technique, as well as others in his book, are fantastic for making lasting changes in confidence and becoming more mindful. 


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