[New Born Story 11]
Learning to love myself


DBT Treatment Period: 10 months


DBT Treatment outcome: Emotion regulation

I had doubted the purpose of life when I had to tolerate the painful difficulties, although I understood that life cannot be always without obstacles. “I’m overreacting”, “I have a lot of issues”. I preoccupied myself with self-doubts, even when I was with my loved ones. Having gone through a difficult time, I contacted the Tree Group as my last hope and after ten months, a lot of things changed in my life. 

I learned to love and protect myself and I am confident in doing so. I am no longer afraid of the unknown challenges in the future. I know that I am a much bigger person than any emotion. The DBT program at the Tree Group has been the biggest luck in my lifetime experience. I thank all the Tree Group clinicians for guiding me to living for myself.