Psychotherapy Program

Psychotherapy Program

In modern times it has become commonplace for people to utilize psychotherapy to improve their psychological well-being and their quality of life. Affluence and success are not sufficient for satisfaction in their lives and the importance of emotional stability and a balanced inner life is becoming more and more evident. Many scholars and psychologists started studying and developing various psychotherapy treatments to fulfill their needs.

The aim of psychotherapy is to assist a person with developing the tools to lead a successful life by fostering new insights into one’s life and by acquiring new patterns of behavior with the help of professionals. Many experience the reduction of emotional distress in the process of psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy treatment allows for significant positive change people’s symptoms, behavioral change and emotional states. By following a specific treatment, long-term results are possible and the changes that the program fosters will become permanent. The only treatment with such proven effectiveness is Evidence-Based Treatment.

Many clinical and educational programs around the world are now training talented individuals with genuineness and sincerity. As qualified professionals, they are expected to observe the guidelines of professional ethics to protect human beings. Our Center is committed to providing only evidence-based Psychotherapy which follows the ethical guidelines of the American Psychological Association.

Essential Elements of Successful Psychotherapy

Client’s Readiness

The most essential element of relieving your emotional distress successfully is to be ready and willing to overcome your difficulties. This process can only begin when you, the client, accepts that there are things that you would like to change and overcome. This has been proven as the most crucial element by several psychotherapy researches.


Psychotherapists’ Manners & Clinical Experience

The second most important element is the basic manners of a psychotherapist. The educational degrees, certifications and licenses only serve as a minimum requirement. Humane manners with genuineness and sensitivity, the employment of professional ethics and dedicated supervised clinical training are the most essential elements of being a good psychotherapist.


Psychotherapy with Clear Scientific Evidence

The final element of a good, successful psychotherapy is to have the proven effectiveness of a psychotherapy treatment. After a certain period of time, you have to experience the reduction of symptoms or a significant improvement of the quality of life. This treatment efficacy, then, should be studied scientifically and be tested and validated by hundreds of rigorous studies. With proven valid results, we can conclude that an effective psychotherapy treatment is Evidence-Based Treatment.

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