Forensic Psychological Services

Clinical-Forensic Psychology is the field of applied clinical psychology that assists justice systems in understanding the psychological status of victims or suspects. The professionals working in this field require extensive training in scientific research, understanding of the legal system, clinical experience in assessment of clients’ state of mind as well as experience with treatment of the presented symptoms. The psychologists work on criminal and civil court cases and provide services to both defendant and prosecutors. As expert witnesses, they provide reports and testimony in cases such as the competency to stand trial for determination of the sanity of defendants, disability evaluation and compensation, child custody, parental visitation cases, etc.

Center for Forensic Psychological Services

Our center was established to assist legal professionals in understanding the psychological state of many sexual assault and human rights victims, to conduct clinical forensic research and to testify in court. As a pioneer institution in Korea, we advocate for individual human and civil rights and we dedicate ourselves to investigating and to revealing psychological truth scientifically. We are currently serving English-speaking clients who reside in Korea as well as Korean and bilingual clients.

Clinical-Forensic Services

Our clinical-forensic program was established in order to pursue our goal of being scientifically rigorous in psychological assessment and treatment. Our mission and ethical commitment to protect life and individual human rights led us to assist people who need psychological evidence in court. We have actively advocated for numerous trauma and abuse victims and helped them receive a fair trial by revealing their truth.

Service for Legal Professionals

We provide consultation services for legal professionals on clients’ state of mind. The thorough evaluation and feedback of the referred clients gives valuable information on their competency to stand trial, disability status, psychological effect of trauma, child custody, and other questions.

Screening Assessment of Clients

Before the full clinical-forensic psychological assessment, we provide consultation to the legal professionals by screening referred clients.

Clinical-Forensic Psychological Assessment

The clinical-forensic assessment is to analyze the psychological assessment data of the referred client and to assist legal professionals with a thorough understanding of the client’s state of mind and his/her psychological injuries status. With a thorough report, we provide psychological consultation and expert testimony.