Learn to multiply and divide through Visualization

The “Active Learners” at our Active Learning Center learn the mathematical concepts and principles to do multiplication and division through visualization strategy. It helps improve mathematical thinking ability as children visually experience toys becoming numbers, and vice versa.

Visualization is one of our major academic strategies that our Active Learning program is implementing to help children who especially struggle with learning math effectively. This strategy was developed based on our clinical and psycho-educational researches and approaches.

Additionally, our Active Learners utilize not only the visualization strategy, but also their personal experiences and simplified story-telling skills to solve math problems, especially word problems, which at first seemed challenging. Please continue posted with our notices to find more about the story-telling skills!


Can Use “Pass Skill” When I Need to Stay on Topic While Writing or Write an Equal Sign in Math!

Students in the School of Life-Active Learning Program have different academic goals; however, as children or adolescents, they often share similar interests. In this episode of “I Can” Series, we will share stories of two Active Learners – one high school student (Student A) and one middle school student (Student B). In order to achieve their academic goals in writing and math respectively, they incorporated an individualized psycho-educational skill under the same name, and as a result, they were able to eliminate their problematic learning behaviors prevalent in the beginning.