Psycho-educational program to improve low organizational skills

Psycho-educational program to improve low organizational skills,

An overwhelming day like tangled thread is now straightforward and clear!

By 전승혜 Seonghae Jeon, M.P.A.

School of Life – Many students in our Active Learning Program go to international schools and complete International Baccalaureate (IB) during which they face various challenges. One of the challenges is organizational skills, where they find difficulties in preparing correct class materials and planning homework due to frequent changes in classroom or studying settings.

The current article introduces an Active Learner who had low organizational skills, despite their high functioning temporal/spatial awareness. Their school had a class schedule based on flexible themes, rather than a set weekly schedule, which did not allow the Active Learner to plan and organize themselves for the upcoming classes in the following week. Therefore, the first mission for the Active Learner during our program was “organization”.

Based on the Psychoeducational Evaluation for Bilingual Children, the clinicians at the Tree Group established that the Active Learner would be good at drawing a map based on their spatial awareness and prepared a part of our clinic into a similar environment as their classroom. During every active learning session, the Active Learner prepared the relevant folders and school materials as part of a game. 

The Active Learner’s organizational skills were targeted more heavily than their academic advancement. Once they were more used to the skills at the clinic, we prepared a list of organizational tasks to be practiced at home, which the Active Learner successfully achieved.

Our Active Learning Program emphasizes the importance of organizational skills and allows children to build confidence in their school life. If you are interested in the program, do not hesitate to contact us through 02-557-8823 or


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Students in the School of Life-Active Learning Program have different academic goals; however, as children or adolescents, they often share similar interests. In this episode of “I Can” Series, we will share stories of two Active Learners – one high school student (Student A) and one middle school student (Student B). In order to achieve their academic goals in writing and math respectively, they incorporated an individualized psycho-educational skill under the same name, and as a result, they were able to eliminate their problematic learning behaviors prevalent in the beginning.