Story of Dr. Cho

Dr. Cho, his pursuit of science& mindful serving

Seungha Lee, MSc Psychotherapist

“The moment I see the children that I am serving grow and overcome their difficulties; that is the moment that I feel grateful and happy.”

Sleep hygiene and psychopathology

[IPS] Breakthrough Series 3: Sleep Hygiene and Psychopathology By 양미린 Yang Mirin, MA. The interaction between chronic sleep deprivation and psychopathology has been widely researched.

My favourite place

“The Tree Group was my favourite place, I felt happy that I made new friends.”

Learning to love myself

I had doubted the purpose of life when I had to tolerate the painful difficulties, although I understood that life cannot be always without obstacles.

Palm the Present Moment

The DBT Skills Training Group have practiced mindfulness by palming the present moment to be aware of current presence.

DBT found me a new life

[New Born Story 9] DBT found me a new life DBT is a grateful teacher and a friend that found me a new life.   Anonymous DBT Treatment