[ALC] 2021 Winter Term and Seasonal Program

Happy New Year! We sincerely wish you a year fully loaded with happiness and good health. Starting this year, the Tree Group’s School of Life – Active Learning Program is implementing the Term System instead of the Semester System in order to pursue a more thorough psycho-educational and clinical program. One year is divided into… Read More

[ALC] 2020 Winter Intensive Program

Introducing School of Life- Active Learning Winter Intensive Program! Program Date: 12.15.2020 (Tues) ~ 01.09.2021 (Sat) (4 weeks long) *Depending on the school’s or student’s schedule, the participating dates will differ. If you have any questions regarding the duration of the program, please contact the Tree Group directly. What is the Active Learning Intensive Winter… Read More

[ALC] Acquiring a Language through Body Movements and Story-telling

Acquiring a language involves the entire process of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and its purpose is to communicate with the other person in a seamless manner. In this process, children can be very active participants, and the Active Learners at Active Learning Center learn and acquire languages expressed in letters that seem challenging, sometimes… Read More

[IPS] Remote Administration of the Comprehensive Psychological/Psycho-educational Evaluation

The International Psychological Services center of the Tree Group has been providing treatment services online; however, the comprehensive psychological/psycho-educational evaluation has been provided offline only as various assessment tools are needed to carry out the evaluation. Nevertheless, in times when travel is restricted and social distancing is necessary, the Tree Group has become more aware… Read More

[ALC] Parent-Teacher Conference, the Aftermath

A considerable number of international schools hold Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) in October and November. It is an important meeting where parents can get feedback on their children’s academic performances, social interactions, and others. Have you received comments such as the ones below from the school? He/She finds it difficult to concentrate when studying. He/she has… Read More

[ALC] Chuseok Break

Hello, this is the Tree Group. The unprecedentedly long raining season finally came to an end, and it has already been a month since fall officially started. Although many aspects of our lives are restricted due to COVID-19, we sincerely wish that you had an enjoyable September. With Chuseok and the National Foundation Day coming… Read More

[ALC] 2020 Summer Intensive Program Ends and Fall Semester Begins!

The Active Learning Center’s Summer Intensive Program that began on June 9th came to an end on August 8th, and starting from August 11th, 2020 Active Learning Fall Semester will begin. The students made meaningful memories both in and out of the clinic during the summer. The two highlights of Summer Intensive Program would be… Read More

[DBT] The “DEAR DOG” Inter-species Effectiveness Skill

Dear all creatures of the world and our DBT friends and family,    With the assistance of microscopic entity, we are facing the new epic era of human contact- the exchange of our souls and dealing with our difficulties online. In reviewing the DEAR MAN skill in a DBT online group session, we found out that one of our young adult… Read More

[IPS] Guidelines for Analyzing WAIS-IV/WISC-V

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-IV (WAIS-IV) and Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-V (WISC-V) are intelligence tests that measure an adult’s and a child’s intellectual ability and five cognitive domains that impact performance. These tests have taken a crucial role in psychological testing as they can help provide concise analyses on one’s psychological state along with other… Read More

[IPS] Stimulus Discrimination Training

What is Stimulus Discrimination Training? Stimulus Discrimination Training is the process of reinforcing a behavior only when a specific antecedent stimulus is present. Here, the stimulus is one that precedes the occurrence of the behavior. Two steps are involved in this training: 1. The behavior is reinforced when the discriminative stimulus is present. The discriminative… Read More

[ALC] Special Lecture on “Bilingual Children” by Dr. Cho

On the last Friday evening of February at the “Active Learning Center,” Dr. Cho Yong-beom, the head of Dutree Group, gave a special lecture on “Brilliant Children.” It’s time to explore in depth what challenges bilingual children can face learning, psychological, emotional and social, how to overcome, and what benefits they can have in the… Read More

[IPS] The Principles of Behavior Modification #3 Punishment

Punishment is one of the basic elements of ‘behavioral modification’. Unlike reinforcement, ‘punishment’ is when an immediate consequence is given to decrease the frequency of certain behavior. The consequence refers to the application of aversive or unpleasant stimulus or removal of a reinforcer. Punishment occurs in our daily lives. Not only disciplines from guardians or… Read More

[IPS] The Principles of Behavior Modification #2 Extinction

Extinction is one of the basic elements in behavior modification. In behavioral modification, ‘extinction’ systematically reduces previously reinforced behavior by taking away the reinforcers or stimuli for that behavior, ultimately aiming to eliminate the behavior. In the process of extinction, an ‘extinction burst’ may occur. It is a temporary increase in the frequency, duration, and… Read More

[ALC] New Year’s Party at the Tree Group

The first round of 2019 Intensive Winter Camp came to its end with the start of 2020 New Year! A New Year Party was held at the Tree Group where all the students, parents, and teachers were invited to share food and drinks. Special thanks to Dr. Cho who prepared homemade sandwiches with fresh ingredients!… Read More

[DBT] DBT Class for Young Adults

Young adults in the 21st century are challenged with over-flowing information and numerous choices. ‘What would my future look like? What do I want?’ ‘Who am I?‘ 24-hour online communication, with rapid changes in our society can be overwhelming. To cope with emotional stress and instability that we experience, and to live as the ‘authentic… Read More

[IPS] The Principles of Behavior Modification #4 Shaping

Shaping is a behavioral procedure in which successive approximations of a target behavior are differently reinforced until the person engages in the target behavior. Successive approximations, or shaping steps, are behaviors that are increasingly more like the target behavior. A successful shaping would include the following: Define the target behavior Determine whether shaping is the… Read More

[IPS] The Principles of Behavior Modification #1 Reinforcement

Reinforcement is one of the basic elements in behavior modification. In behavioral modification, ‘reinforcement’ is the process in which a behavior is strengthened by the immediate ‘consequence‘ that reliably follows its occurrence.  The consequence refers to any stimulant that can affect the occurrence of an operant behavior. The stimulant is called a ‘reinforcer’. Positive and… Read More

[ALC] “Explore the Universe” through Seeing and Touching!

Individualized Active Learning Science Program The Active Learning Center is about to launch a space-science curriculum, called “Explore the Universe“! The “Explore the Universe” curriculum is uniquely designed by our Active Learning Program to not only educate children with scientific knowledge from textbooks but also provide them with insights that are essential for living a… Read More

[IPS] Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation for Bilingual Children Between the Ages 3-7

After an initial intake interview with the parents, several intellectual and psychological assessments are provided to students who are referred to the Center for International Psychological Services due to learning difficulties. Through the intellectual assessment, the strengths and limitations of the students and where their academic struggles come from are recognized to establish a treatment… Read More

[ALC] Learn to multiply and divide through Visualization

The “Active Learners” at our Active Learning Center learn the mathematical concepts and principles to do multiplication and division through visualization strategy. It helps improve mathematical thinking ability as children visually experience toys becoming numbers, and vice versa. Visualization is one of our major academic strategies that our Active Learning program is implementing to help… Read More

[ALC] Working Memory Training Case Study

We would like to introduce a successful case of a child who has been a long-term participant of the “Working Memory Training, WMT” program offered at the Tree Group’s Active Learning Center. Based on the child’s Comprehensive Psychological-Educational Evaluation, showing that her linguistic and working memory scales were low, we proceeded with our WMT program… Read More

[DBT] DBT 2 Class for Professionals

The last class of our DBT 2 Class for Professionals program was held in Retreat Soom. Throw: “AH!” and raise both arms – Catch: “AH!” and raise both arms, “HAHAHA” and stomp “The sound ball activity among the various mindfulness skill activities in DBT was definitely the most exciting. The class taught me specific skills… Read More

[ALC] Visual Expression Group

“The Active Learners’ artistic pieces using their Visuo-perceptual Imagination are beautifully displayed after our Active Learning Summer Camp!“ Color Playground c.2019 Acrylic on canvas Joy, Anger, Sorrow, Pleasure c.2019 Acrylic on canvas