DBT helped me love myself

[New Born Story 4] DBT helped me love myself

“I finally gained the courage to move forward”


DBT Treatment Duration: 18 months 
DBT Treatment results: Improvement in self-esteem, emotion dysregulation, and interpersonal relationships

Before participating in the DBT program, I frequently found myself emotionally hurt and not expressing myself. This eventually led to big conflicts with others. Moreover, going out and engaging with people was a great challenge for me as I did not know how to love myself.


I slowly began to learn how to respect myself and treat others with kindness after learning DBT at the Tree Group. I also realized that I could not share my love with others or live a happy life if I did not love myself first.

After a long period of feeling in pain, I am now more aware of who I am and what dreams I hope to pursue later. 


I finally gained the courage to move forward. But above all else, I am very appreciative of the fact that I can go out in public on my own, without being self-conscious. I send many thanks to my family and friends who supported me throughout my struggle, and in turn, I am willing to give strengths to those who need help.

*We are sharing the testimonials of the Tree Group Psychological Clinic participants upon their consent.