[New Born Story 5] My life after learning DBT has become hopeful

“Loving my life and my survival instinct led me to be here every week for 1 year”


DBT Treatment Duration: 12 months
DBT Treatment Results: Reduced obsessive compulsiveness and anxiety 

I was doubtful whether DBT can help me make a change in my life. My symptoms aren’t 100% gone but I learned and experienced the skills to overcome my difficulties. 


If my past 30 years were a hassle, my life after learning DBT has become hopeful. My life goal is to be confident in making my own path and DBT has helped me in achieving this goal. It has not been easy visiting the clinic every week for the past year. However, what motivated me was the love I had for myself and my instinct for survival.

I believed that I had to be physically and mentally healthy to nurture my child, and I am more than pleased now that I am enjoying the small things in life with my precious child. 

*We are sharing the testimonials of the Tree Group Psychological Clinic participants upon their consent.