[New Born Story 7] DBT Treatment with my daughter

“I now know how to accept others and myself”


DBT Treatment Duration: 12 months
DBT Treatment Results: Resolved suicidal crises, improvements in emotion regulation and interpersonal relationships

I’d have to admit that when I first started this unfamiliar DBT therapy with my daughter a year ago, I didn’t expect much out of it as we did not benefit much from other therapy programs.   

However, DBT therapy sessions turned out to be a fortune as I witnessed my child going through several changes. My daughter showed proactive participation and willingness to change in the DBT program, while she had no initiatives when participating in other treatment programs.   

I also acquired life skills that are necessary for understanding and accepting other’s feelings and build better interpersonal relationships. 

After graduating from the DBT program, I hope my daughter consistently applies the skills learned in the program, successfully regulates her own emotions, maintains good interpersonal relationships, and cherishes life.   

Thank you to all the clinicians. I wish all the best for my daughter’s peers and their guardians who shared similar experiences at the Tree Group.   

*We are sharing the testimonials of the Tree Group Psychological Clinic participants upon their consent.