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School of Life - Active Learning Center

School of Life is a place for students who are struggling academically at English speaking international schools or boarding schools and Korean speaking schools. Our programs scientifically analyze the students’ academic and cognitive abilities and their emotional/ behavioral/ developmental issues through comprehensive psycho-educational assessment in order to provide customized one-on-one academic training to ensure successful performance in academic settings with a collateral improvement of the students’ behavioral and emotional issues and their cognitive functioning. 

The Active Learning Program in School of Life is for students who are experiencing difficulties adjusting to school or other learning environments due to ineffective academic habits, lack of motivation and academic skills, cognitive distraction, and disruptive behaviors as well as students who are under-performing academically. The center not only supports the students with the aforementioned difficulties but also assesses each student’s linguistic abilities and emotional difficulties, in order to effectively treat psychological/behavioral problems through improving the student’s academic abilities. 

All programs at the center are run by licensed psychologists, bilingual professionals in psychology, and Active Learning Specialists. Our programs are designed to comply with clinical science procedures to help students internalize the contents of educational materials accurately. To ensure the efficacy of the programs, periodic assessment of students’ progress will be measured and programs will be modified continuously to provide quality services. 

How to Begin the Active Learning Program?

Step-by-Step Process

School of Life’s Active Learning Program goes hand in hand with the psychological services in the Tree Group. After the diagnostic assessment, clinical interview, cognitive/intellectual ability tests, and other necessary psychological tests, customized psychological treatment, and one-on-one academic training begin.

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