ALC 프로그램 구조

School of Life [SOL] – Bridge

This program is designed for students in international or English-speaking schools who are struggling to follow the standard curriculum due to language transition issues or psychological difficulties.

Students in the Bridge Program temporarily stop going to their regular schools and attend the School of Life for 1-2 years. By attending a psychologically- and educationally- specialized program, the students gain tremendous educational and psychological growth through a completely individualized educational system and advance into higher-level schools.

School of Life [SOL] – Stream

Students in SOL-Stream attend the individualized Active Learning sessions 6 times a week. Depending on the students’ psychoeducational treatment plan, the program usually lasts 6 months to a year. For those who reside abroad, they are able to receive the psychological services in the Tree Group through online sessions.

Intensive Summer/Winter Program

During the winter or summer break of the regular schools, School of Life has Summer/Winter Intensive Programs. Students in both Bridge and Stream Programs attend individualized Active Learning Sessions and take group sessions that are not part of their semester curriculum. Group Sessions consist of 2 or 3 students and they encourage students to acquire knowledge in an enjoyable manner through creative and collaborative activities.