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2003 The New York Times highlighted the treatment work of Dr. Yong Cho

"Freud Meets Buddha: Therapy adapts to immigrants' need"
The New York Times, January 18, 2003
2003 Dr. Cho Yong-Beom, the psychologist highlighted in New York Times

"Freud meets Buddha: Therapy adapts to immigrants' need"

Dr. Yong Cho opened the Asian-American Family Clinic at the Zucker Hillside Hospital/Long Island Medical Center in New York and launched a specialized treatment program for Korean and Asian immigrants.

Dr. Cho studied Behavioral Therapy for symptoms of depression and anger through research on these immigrants’ cultural adaptation and psychological hurdles, and provided Dialectical Behavioral Therapy based on mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

He emphasized that patients and clients in Asia are in a unfriendly environment to receive therapeutic services due to a shallow understanding of psychosis that is different from what the Western culture understands it, and suggested where professional clinical treatment services should focus on based on his deep sympathy for this population.

His treatment services for people from various cultures were highlighted in the New York Times in 2003 as well as local media. 

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Today, I went to work

“For the past 9 months, the DBT program helped me face things I simply endured, the part of me I avoided and did not look into during the process, the many wrong perspectives and my vulnerabilities.”

Yong Cho, Ph.D.ㅣThe Tree Group / DBT Center of Korea Chief Psychologist

Dr. Cho, the path he walk, is the path for pain and suffering; the DBT and Marsha Linehan’s philosophy, he believed, are the non-detachable companion of his walk to save people from their suffering.

Dr. Cho has always been open-minded. DBT Center of Korea welcome anyone who approaches us with mindful and scientific state of mind.

DBT Day RetreatㅣReflection of Autumn @Seoul

December 11th, Sunday (10am – 4pm)

Hope you participate this precious, once in our life time, Day Retreat with Daebong Sunim that would guide us to reflect ourselves and pursue the path of enlightenment.

Visual Expression Group

“The Active Learners’ artistic pieces using their Visuo-perceptual Imagination are beautifully displayed after our Active Learning Summer Camp!“

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