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Yekyung Kim, BSc. ㅣ Active Learning Center Manager l Active Learning Specialist

"I hope that children can live with enriched thoughts and hearts gained through various experiences."

Yekyung Kim, BSc.

Active Learning Center, Managerㅣ Active Learning Specialist

“I hope that children can live with enriched thoughts and hearts gained through various experiences.”


Yekyung graduated from Lambrook School in the UK, and attended Wellington College from Year 9 to Year 13. She excelled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and Diploma program. Wondering how her peers could enjoy learning Math, she wrote and presented a novel that incorporated mathematics as part of the Middle Years Program (MYP) project in the IB middle school curriculum.


In Year 13, she created and guided a curriculum to help younger students adapt to the school. As a member of the International Committee, she assisted international students in understanding British culture and the school culture while organizing events to promote cultural exchange.


Yekyung is also a piano and flute player, receiving a Distinction in music exams conducted by ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) in the UK.


Beyond academic pursuits, Yekyung’s various activities have led her to think deeply about the value of a meaningful human life. She has naturally developed an interest in bilingual language development and psychology, as she has witnessed the struggles of children facing difficulties in language acquisition and development due to her own experiences.


Yekyung graduated with Distinction from University College London for BSc. Psychology and Language Sciences. She engaged in research related to functional numeracy and decision-making processes.


She worked as a crisis counselor at Shout UK, a mental health counseling center in the UK, and interned at ASPIERATIONS, a nonprofit rehabilitation institution, where she helped students with neuro-developmental issues such as intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and attention-deficit disorders.


Currently, Yekyung collaborates with Dr. Cho Yong at the Active Learning Center to provide psycho-educational services for children and adolescents with language developmental delays in bilingual environments. She is also responsible for community outreach at the DBT Korea and the Tree Group.


Yekyung always prepares a variety of teaching materials and stories to make learning enjoyable and to help children accumulate diverse experiences. She communicates with the children and aims for them to study happily with smiles on their faces.


– Internship at the nonprofit rehabilitation institution ASPIERATIONS
– Crisis counselor at the UK mental health counseling center Shout
– Bachelor’s degree in psychology and linguistics from University College London”

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Seungha Lee, MSc Psychotherapist

“The moment I see the children that I am serving grow and overcome their difficulties; that is the moment that I feel grateful and happy.”

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