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Sumin Kim, M.A. | Active Learning Coordinator

"I vision a place where children can grow happily and healthy in their own color”

Sumin Kim, M.A.

Active Learning Coordinator

“I vision a place where children can grow happily and healthy in their own color”  

Ms. Kim identifies herself as a third culture individual brought up with an international background.  She was born in Korea, attended international schools in the Netherlands and Dubai, graduated high school in Germany and finally returned to Korea. Through this upbringing, Ms. Kim experienced various new environments and engaged with people from different cultural backgrounds allowing her to develop an international mindset that enables her to view situations from multiple unique perspectives. Most importantly, she developed a keen interest in the psychological, emotional and educational development of third culture kids with similar backgrounds.  

During her high school years at the International School of Dusseldorf, Ms. Kim was an assistant teacher for the after-school Korean class and the Dusseldorf Korean School where she observed and taught children with bicultural identities. Through the interaction, Ms. Kim realized that many children faced psychological difficulties related to adjustment issues. To help these students, she organized a mentoring program which combined EAL sessions with play therapy. After witnessing students gradually adjusting to their new environment with positive attitude and confidence, Ms. Kim’s yearned to further study child psychology.  
After completing the IB Diploma course including Psychology, she graduated with a double major in Psychology and Child Psychology & Education from Sungkyunkwan University and received her master’s degree in Child and Family Studies (Behavioral Therapy and Counseling Major) at Yonsei University. Ms. Kim wrote her master’s thesis on returnee third culture children through which she gained expertise in the psychological development of bicultural children.  

After graduating with a master’s degree, Ms. Kim worked as a clinical researcher at Seoul National University Hospital Child & Adolescent Psychiatry lab and the National Child Developmental Center where she performed diagnostic clinical assessment and behavioral counseling sessions for children and adolescents with neurodevelopment disorder such as attention deficit disorder, intellectual disorder, and autism spectrum disorder. 
As an active learning specialist, Ms. Kim hopes to make a fun and safe learning environment where children can freely explore with their own color.  


  • M.A. in Child and Family Studies (Behavioral Therapy and Counseling major) at Yonsei University 
  • B.A. Psychology and Child Psychology & Education at Sungkyunkwan University 
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Seungha Lee, MSc Psychotherapist

“The moment I see the children that I am serving grow and overcome their difficulties; that is the moment that I feel grateful and happy.”

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