“Explore the Universe” through Seeing and Touching!

Individualized Active Learning Science Program

The Active Learning Center is about to launch a space-science curriculum, called “Explore the Universe“!

The “Explore the Universe” curriculum is uniquely designed by our Active Learning Program to not only educate children with scientific knowledge from textbooks but also provide them with insights that are essential for living a life full of scientific wisdom.

This 15-week curriculum will be offered to primary students and provide guidance in answering the following questions:

1. What is the universe?

2. What are robots and AI?

3. How are humans and robots different from each other?

The course will help foster Active Learners’ ability to think philosophically and make good inference by discovering the relationship between the universe and themselves. In each unit of the course, they will experience and build with their own hands the materials they are learning, and be encouraged to complete Individualized Research Project independently. The course will be an opportunity for our Active Learners to learn the space science and advanced technology at a deeper level, embracing these with an open mind and intellectual curiosity.

Please feel free to contact us as below for any inquiries and registration procedures. The start date of the curriculum will soon be posted.

l Active Learning Center alc@treegroup.onmicrosoft.com 02 557 8823 l