The Tree Group’s “Active Learning Center” just began our annual Summer Intensive Program. In the Summer Intensive Program, there is a special addition that the regular semester curriculum does not have – group classes. In a group of 2 or 3, students are encouraged to acquire knowledge in an enjoyable manner and participate actively in learning through creative and collaborative activities. Let me introduce our five distinctive group classes!

Building Ecosphere (ECS) Class  

ECS Teacher: Seungmin Lee, B.A.

This class allows the student to think and discuss about Ecosphere from various perspectives, with the following question: what does it take for an individual to live and survive?   

ECS Class will help the student to: 

  • Encourage creativity by approaching the current environmental issues in a friendlier way that involves hands-on activities. 
  • Enhance critical thinking skills that will allow the student to eventually gather, organize, and present his/her thoughts based on 1) factual evidence from text and 2) personal experience. 
  • Increase both communication and interpersonal skills through interactive group discussions. 

Mindful Trails of Expression on (MTE) Class

MTE Teacher: Yuyeon Kim, M.S.

Mindful State is:

  • Clear minds
  • Focused eyes
  • Attentive listening
  • Awakened body and mind  
  • Being present in the moment

MTE Class will help the student to:

  • Discover themselves and their surroundings through Mindfulness activities.
  • Experience their five senses to express themselves. 
  • Learn mindful breathing and focus on one thing at a time.

Project Sherlock Holmes (PSH) Class

PSH Teacher: Mirin Yang, M.A.

This class attempts to stimulate students’ critical thinking skills and intellectual curiosity through scientific and creative activities.

PSH Class will help the student to:

  • Learn how to evaluate the given data and extract the essential information.
  • Learn how to reach appropriate conclusions based on the gathered evidence.
  • Scientifically and critically approach various topics that influence individuals and society.

Survival Geometry (SGM) Class

SGM Teacher: Seonghae Jeon, M.P.A

This class encourages students to recognize that there is more to math than simply solving textbook problems and getting good scores. Students will discover how math is deeply relevant in their everyday lives.

SGM Class will help the student to:

  • Realize that like language or nature, math can be found in their close and familiar surroundings.
  • Learn about shapes and geometry through fun activities.
  • Discover geometry from their surroundings actively and attentively. . 

Time Traveller (TMT) Class

TMT Teacher: Seungha Lee, MSc

This class allows students to learn about world history and culture through creative activities.

TMT Class will help the student to: 

  • Interact with different cultures by making Ghana’s Kent design, ancient Greek masks, etc. to experience various cultures and their histories.
  • Encounter various perspectives on historical events by watching movies and documentaries and improve verbal and written expression skills.
  • Experience the bigger world and seek for ways to solve problems that the humanity is facing as a whole.

Moreover, the Tree Group recognizes the gravity of COVID-19 and is doing its best to continue the Summer Intensive Program in a virus-free environment. Every visitor and staff must wear a mask at all times and fill out the Daily Health Checklist before entering the clinic. The Tree Group is also disinfecting the place frequently. The Tree Group humbly asks for everyone’s cooperation and will do its best to continue with the classes in a healthy environment.