Hello, this is the Tree Group.

The unprecedentedly long raining season finally came to an end, and it has already been a month since fall officially started. Although many aspects of our lives are restricted due to COVID-19, we sincerely wish that you had an enjoyable September.

With Chuseok and the National Foundation Day coming up, the School of Life Active Learning Program is having a week-long break from 9/29 to 10/3. “Chuseok” falls on August 15th according to the lunar calendar, and it symbolizes a central day of summer and a night with the best moonlight. During this festive time of the year, we wish everyone would have the best holiday possible with your loved ones.

There are many meaningful events in October. October 9th is the Hangeul Day. Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, is the only language in the world that the name of the creator and the proclamation date are known. “Han” means “the Korean people” and “big.” Hangeul is Korea’s own language that King Sejong made with a big heart, wishing for a world where no one is disadvantaged for not knowing the writing system. Being thankful and proud of Hangeul, School of Life Active Learning Program is taking a break on October 9th.

According to the government’s guidelines, we have been holding our sessions online to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Until further notice, we plan to continue with this system even after the Chuseok Break to ensure everyone’s safety. Thank you for understanding and cooperating. Happy Chuseok!