Happy New Year! We sincerely wish you a year fully loaded with happiness and good health.

Starting this year, the Tree Group’s School of Life – Active Learning Program is implementing the Term System instead of the Semester System in order to pursue a more thorough psycho-educational and clinical program. One year is divided into 4 terms – Winter Term (December – March), Spring Term (March – June), Summer Term (June – September), and Fall Term (September – December). At the end of each term, a feedback session will be held in which the clinicians will share the children’s clinical and psycho-educational progress with their parents and establish future treatment plan to ensure a more systematic and scientific treatment.

Each term is designated with a seasonal theme. Held in conjunction with our branch, Retreat Soom in Aya, specific theme and color are selected for each season, and we plan to host activities and programs that help our clients understand its meaning mindfully.

  • December – February: Season of White Serenity
  • March – May: Season of Green Awakening
  • June – August: Season of Violet Exuberance
  • September – November: Season of Calm Colors
  • December: Season of Being Together

We will keep you posted on various seasonal events held at the Tree Group, so please look out for our future updates 🙂