[DBT] Today's Mindfulness:
Palming the Present Moment

Appreciate our body and mind for actively being driven to take steps towards growth. 

By 이승하 Seungha Lee, MSc

The DBT Skills Training Group have practiced mindfulness by palming the present moment to be aware of current presence.  


Read the instructions below and experience mindfulness of the present moment.  

Begin by focusing on your breathing and take several deep breaths in and exhaling fully.  


Raise your hands up to your chest as the palms face each other 15-20 cm apart. Notice how much energy and tensions it requires.   


Very slowly bring the palms together. Pause when you notice any sensations of pressure, warmth, or energy. Notice the sensation, whether it is changing moment by moment or constant.  


Bring the palms closer together just until the fingertips touch. Imagine a few molecules of the right-hand dancing with molecules on the fingertips of the left-hand.  


Very slowly, continue to bring the palms closer together until they gently touch one another and notice the subtle shift in the positioning of your wrist, elbows, back, chest. Notice the heat or temperature building up. Relax your body, other than your hands, as much as you can and notice the change in sensations. 


Finally, like a flower blossom opening up to the morning sun, slowly open your palms up, letting the light and air in. Notice the coolness of the air between the palms. Very slowly, feel the gravity tugging at your arms and your hands until they come down to rest on your lap. Take a breath in and exhale out and take time to appreciate our body and mind for actively being driven to take steps towards growth.