[New Born Story 1] "Many areas of my life have improved"

“I now have a better understanding of my emotions”


DBT Treatment Duration: 10 months
DBT Treatment Results: Improvement in emotion regulation, interpersonal relationships, reduced impulsiveness 

During the beginning of the treatment, I was not aware of what my difficulties were and who I was as a person. I was full of anger and sadness and was in doubt whether I could change and be happier through DBT treatment. 

Eight months have passed since and I notice improvements in many areas of my life. There are still hard times, but I no longer react to these in a way that would make me miserable. I learned who I was as a person and have come to love all my strengths and weaknesses. Above all, I now have a deeper understanding of my emotions and can manage them which has led me to find happiness in my everyday life. 

I am pleased that I have stood strong throughout the treatment, and I send many thankful wishes to those who have been always supportive. 

*We are sharing the testimonials of the Tree Group Psychological Clinic participants upon their consent.