A desert island life has changed.

One year ago, my life was like a desert island. 


DBT Treatment Period: 12 months 

DBT Treatment Effects: Reduced suicidal ideation, improved interpersonal relationships and emotion dysregulation, increased self-esteem 

One year ago, my life was like a desert island. 


Having consistent failures and struggles since I was young taught me feelings of helplessness and obsession, and my life became a ruined island. It was not easy for me to escape nor for others to come and save me from the rocky ocean on the island. 


Since I had visited various places already and came to the Tree Group as the fourth treatment center, I did not have a high expectation. And yet, as I learned more and more skills, my desert island started changing gradually. Starting off with talking about the way the “edible green kimchi” made me smile, I participated in DBT for a year, thinking that I am building a small and strong wooden tower inside myself. Now when I look up, I see that my island has become a nice, relaxing site for a holiday, perhaps.  


The past year was a great opportunity for me to gain so much, and now I feel happier than I could have imagined. Thank you very much.