Assessment for Adults​

Assessment for Adults

It is our pursuit to build the most advanced psychological assessment center in the region. Our approach of scientific scrutiny combined with genuine warmth and care originates from our clinical philosophy, which is to provide evidence based assessment tools and measures in order to enrich our clients’ understanding of their mind and their struggles with clear feedback. From adult focused diagnostic assessment to child/adolescent psycho-educational assessment, we provide only the most reliable psychological assessment which can be accepted in North America or other English speaking countries.

Initial Diagnostic Interview (2 hours)

To provide the best treatment, it is crucial to have an accurate understanding of clients’ psychological status. The initial diagnostic interview and diagnostic screening test is designed to generate a good diagnostic picture of our clients’ psychological hardships and to make an effective treatment plan.

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation (30 – 40 hours)

Our Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation is designed to enrich clients’ understanding of their true cognitive and intellectual abilities, educational achievement, personality and emotional states. Our evaluation not only clarifies clients’ current struggles and symptoms, but also illuminates their psychological strengths and weakness in a way that is helpful in creating a better future plan.

Executives’ Assessment Package

The Executives’ package is a specialised psychological assessment program for an executive who requires a competitive edge in his/her current position. Our program assists a client to identify his/her strengths and potential to enhance psychological, social, leadership skills in a bi-cultural or multicultural environment. 

It also guides the client to facilitate cultural adjustment in another country and to provide necessary coaching and treatment to overcome the barrier that leads the client having a successful life.

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