Assessment for Child/Adolescent

Assessment for Child/Adolescent

Initial Diagnostic Interview (2 hours)

 The most crucial component in providing the best psychological service to your child is having an accurate diagnosis. The scientifically valid diagnosis and identification of the core issues of your child requires extensive clinical experience and qualification. Dr. Cho and his staff pursue excellence in diagnosing and providing non-abrasive treatment recommendations to protect your child’s life. The initial screening test and diagnostic interview are designed to create a good diagnostic picture of your child and to make an effective treatment plan. After the initial interview, we provide feedback to parents and with parents’ consent we provide consultation to school counsellors, teachers, or administrators.

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation (30 – 40 hours)

 We are very proud to be a leading institution in psycho-educational assessment in both English and Korean. Our Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation is designed to enrich your understanding of your child’s true cognitive and intellectual abilities, educational achievement, personality, and current behaviors/emotional states. Our evaluation not only clarifies your child’s current struggles and symptoms, but also illuminates their psychological strengths and weakness. These factors are helpful when making a scientifically informed decision regarding your child’s education and in creating a guide to help your child find a fulfilling path.

 Dr. Cho, a New York licensed clinical psychologist, and his staff provide this comprehensive assessment. With parents’ permission, Dr. Cho will communicate with school teachers or administrators on behalf of your child.

 During the past years, we have dedicated our expertise to helping students who are attending international schools around the world and boarding schools in the U.S. It is our great pleasure to see positive change within our student clients as well as encouragement and appreciation from parents and school administrators. We will continue providing the best practice and setting new standards in this field.

Psycho-educational Evaluation

  • Does my child have the capacity and potential to be successful in school?
  • My son appears to be very smart in one area but his English is not as fluent as other native speakers.
  • Can he keep up with his education in the U.S.?
  • How can I be certain this prospective student will fit into our school program?
  • This overseas student’s records are very good; could this student perform in as well in our school as we expect?

Comprehensive Psycho-educational and Aptitude Assessment for International Students

 We understand that for school administrators and admission officers, recruiting a qualified student who has the potential to succeed is a very important task. We provide comprehensive assessment services for a prospective student who would like to start schooling in English speaking countries. It is crucial for administrators to know the student’s intellectual potential, current English proficiency, estimated academic achievement in an English speaking school, neuro-psychological functioning, personality structure and emotional/behavior adjustment. Our expertise in bilingual and bi-cultural assessment, currently in English and Korean, assist admission officers in making an informed decision about the student. The assessment results are also valuable for parents and the student to identify their strength to be nurtured and weakness to be compensated.

 We also provide this comprehensive service to international students who are struggling academically in an English speaking school. It is not uncommon to observe that their academic difficulties are related to severe difficulties in language acquisition, learning disabilities, and diagnosable developmental and emotional issues. If your student or child is struggling in an ESL class for more than two years, we strongly recommend the comprehensive bilingual assessment to understand the student’s core issues. Early identification of core issues with a qualified bi-lingual clinical psychologist who could provide an accurate diagnosis of the student is crucial. This would then be communicated to school teachers who can then make a sound educational plan for the student.

 As a clinical and educational institution, our goal is to incorporate the most advanced psycho-educational research data. It is our mission to assist parents and school teachers with understanding the student and assisting them in being successful in school.

Psychological Evaluation & Assessment in Korean

We provide comprehensive psychological assessments for Korea speaking child/adolescents and adults. Our qualified clinicians who speak Korean observe APA regulations and educational/training guidelines. We have translated assessment tools in the areas of intellectual, personality, neuro-psychological, emotional and behavioral functioning available in our center. During the initial testing intake session, we identify a client’s current language preference and select relevant Korean or English testing batteries. The procedures for Korean assessment are equivalent to those of English based psychological assessments.

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