Emotional Dysregulation: Borderline Personality Disorder

When managing or controlling your feeling seems impossible…

Finding it extremely difficult to divert their attention from emotional triggers.

Emotion dysregulation is a term that describes a pattern of behavioral and emotional difficulties in managing and controlling emotional responses within the typically accepted range of emotional reactions. Individuals with emotional vulnerabilities, including high sensitivity and reactivity to emotional cues, and those who do not have the skills to manage their emotions often find it extremely difficult to divert one’s attention from emotional triggers. 


Extremely negative/distorted thoughts and failure to process internal or external information often become a problem for emotionally dysregulated people, making it difficult to achieve their goals and leaving them to be in the state of dissociation and act on their impulsive or self-destructive urges.


The following are major symptoms of emotional dysregulation:


– Emotional lability often leads to unwanted mistakes

– Difficulties regulating anger

– Isolating oneself from others due to difficulties maintaining social relationships

– Tendency to act on behavioral urges

– Feelings of depression and hopelessness

– Suicidal thoughts and self-harming behaviors

– Binge eating or fasting

– Frequent indirect self-destructive behaviors

– Difficulties maintaining focus when emotionally stimulated


Such emotional difficulties are the main symptoms of borderline personality disorder. Emotionally sensitive people who have experienced an invalidating environment are prone to developing symptoms such as expressing extreme emotional behaviors. Dialectical Behavior Therapy can be effective in reducing such symptoms.



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