Extreme Fear of Specific Situations or Objects: Phobia

Extreme Fear that Other People Can't Understand

Specific Phobias refer to extreme fear of specific situations or objects which often leads to the avoiding behaviors. Those with specific phobias often display automatic and overwhelming fear when exposed to the situation or object that triggers fear and experience panic attack in extreme cases.  


According to research, approximately 12.5% of the general population has experienced at least one specific phobia during their lives and more women (16%) reported specific phobias than men (7%). People with specific phobias mostly report extreme fear of animals, natural environment, or specific situations. Other specific phobias include fear of height, blood, needles, etc. 


Below are types of specific phobias 


– Animal phobia: fear of animals (dogs, cats, spiders, birds, mice, and others) that commonly occur during early stages of childhood 

– Natural-environment phobia: fear of height, water, storms, etc. 

– Blood-injection-injury phobias: fear of seeing blood, getting injections, etc. 

– Situational phobias: fear of traveling by train, bus, or plane; fear of claustrophobic situations such as elevators, crowded places, etc. 

– Other phobias: fear of choking, vomiting, disease, etc. Infants may develop fear of loud noises or characters in costumes 


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