Extreme Fear in Social Settings: Social Anxiety Disorder

The endless cycle of anxious thoughts, feelings and avoidance

Social anxiety disorder, which is often referred to as social phobia, is a type of disorder described in DSM-V as having an intense and persistent fear of social situations in which one feels as if he or she is being watched and judged by others.


People with social anxiety disorder experience overwhelming fear that he or she may act in a way that will be embarrassing or humiliatingThe disorder often accompanies physical symptoms such as blushing, trembling, or sweating and the fear of these physical symptoms may often trigger feelings of discomfort in social situations. 


Common social situations that may be hard to endure for those with social anxiety disorder include:

– Interacting with unfamiliar people or authority figures

– Speaking in public

– Eating in front of others


Symptoms of social anxiety disorder also include:

– Recognizing that the experienced fear is excessive and unreasonable

– Avoiding situations that provoke anxiety or dealing with those situations even when they induce immense stress

– The fear and stress induced in social situations interfere significantly with one’s normal routine at job or school

– Socially anxious people have intense fear of social situations and experience difficulties daily as they tend to avoid social situations. This often leads to problems and anxieties at school or work and in peer relationships.



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