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Children who have difficulty with visual processing face problems with visual discrimination, visual memory, or visual closure of letters and words.

Dyscalculia – Part III: The Arithmetic Network

“While the functioning of the grey matter and white matter is essential for a successful arithmetical connection to be made, the dyscalculic brain shows anomalies of structure and activation in the parietal lobes.”

The function of Working Memory

Do “87 x 6” in your head. Most people would probably get the multiplication of 7 and 6 and at the same time store the number “4” on one side to later add it with the multiplication of 8 and 6.

Sensory Memory

Sensory memory refers to the temporary storage of information based on the stimuli we receive via our senses. In other words, they are what we remember after seeing or hearing something.

Introduction to Memory

We often interchangeably use the two concepts: memory and learning. The two concepts are intimately intertwined, but they are of fundamental difference.

Working Memory Training Case Study

We would like to introduce a successful case of a child who has been a long-term participant of the “Working Memory Training, WMT” program offered at the Tree Group’s Active Learning Center.

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