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Which psycho-educational program suits best my child?

Bridge School of Life, full-day program

Stream After-School program

Summer/Winter Intensive Program during breaks

Evidence-based choice of program according to the psycho-educational assessment

Active Learning Psycho-educational Program

School of Life

The Bridge Program is designed for English-speaking students who are experiencing language transition issues or psychological difficulties as well as Korean-speaking students with extensive language acquisition delays followed by difficulty in following the standard school curriculum.

Stream After-School program

The Stream After-School Program is a treatment program for students attending either English-speaking or Korean-speaking schools who experience delays in language development followed by learning and emotional behavioral problems at school.

Summer/Winter Intensive Program during breaks

The Summer/Winter Intensive Program is a full-day program that takes place during summer and winter breaks. For primary school students, it runs from 10AM to 3 or 4PM and for secondary school students, from 10AM to 5PM. It is comprised of at least 1 hour of clinical session per week along with 12 to 15 hours of psycho-educational sessions and 10 to 12 hours of ABCMM as well as group sessions centered around a specific treatment goal.

As a clinical institution, the Active Learning Center has accumulated sufficient data to serve a child with a specific problem with an appropriate treatment program. The recommended period of time and number of hours to be taken in each program were set based on the analyses of participants’ treatment progress since 2003. 

These treatment programs which were designed based on an Individualized Psycho-Educational Plan (IPEP) include:

1. A full-day BRIDGE program
2. After-school STREAM program
3. Summer/Winter Intensive Programs provided during school breaks. 

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