Active Learning Specialist

Activ Learning Specialist

이중언어권 K-12 학생들의 Active Learning Center 선생님 모집
심리학 관심있는 영미 고등/대학교 졸업하신 분을 모십니다

The tree Group Inc. is a group of experts in psychology, education and applied social science. 

Six areas under the group provide corporate and personal consultation, expert education and training, English and Korean psychological clinical services, empirical science-based psychosocial statistical research, legal psychological services, psychological evaluation and publishing support services, and clinical programs for bilingual K-12 students.

Based on psychological and educational results certified by the College Board, other Testing Agencies, high schools and universities, the School of Life/Active Learning Center aims to mature children with learning difficulties in international schools and boarding schools around the world, including Korea and Asia. 

Our center seeks talented people who sympathize with the pain of bilingual students, educate them correctly, and experience growth together, and are prepared to develop and learn on their own through multilingual and cultural experiences.

assigned task

The School of Life/Active Learning Center runs a program to reduce emotional and behavioral difficulties caused by the study of English-speaking and bilingual students, and is a research and educational institution that helps students who have difficulty in language transfer from Korean to English through clinical research. We are recruiting teachers from the Active Learning Program who will be responsible for behavioral modification and education with psychology experts as a researcher with academic interest.

·Preparation of learning materials, education, modification of learning behavior, and participation in related administrative tasks

·Regular supervision and participation in education


Qualification requirements

·College (graduate) academic background: 4 years of college graduation or higher in the United States/Canada and other English-speaking countries (Applicable to applicants for graduation)

·Medium and high school academic background: Graduation from private and public schools in English-speaking countries or from international schools in domestic and foreign English-speaking countries 

·Experience: A person who has flexible and extensive interpersonal experience with various work and social activities, part-time or full-time 


preferential treatment

·Exam scores: Those who have achieved excellent grades in SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, etc 

·People who want to have research and clinical experience experience before entering graduate school after graduating from an English-speaking university

·People who can train on standardized tests applied in English-speaking countries such as SAT, TOEFL, ACT, IELTS, etc 

·People who can educate English Language Learner level students to improve their English ability (R/W/S/L) 

·People who have completed K-12 based on North America and can understand and educate students at various levels


Working conditions

·Working period: 2–3 years or more

·Working day: 5 days a week

·Working hours: 9:45 to 19:15 (Tuesday-Friday) 10:00 – 17:00 (Saturday) (consultable)

·Salary: Company bylaws

screening procedure

·Reception method: Online support, e-mail support 

Document screening (can receive a scan or copy, submit a certificate and ID at the time of the original or interview before employment)
Detailed CV or Resume
Cover letter
High school, university diploma and transcripts
TOEFL (100 or higher), IELTS (8 or higher) Final transcript
SAT, ACT and equivalent test transcripts
a copy of a resident registration
a copy of one’s identification card
Optional: papers and reports written by you, certificates, recommendations (professors and superiors in charge)
1st and 2nd and 3rd executive interviews
a final notice of acceptance
·Announcement of successful candidates: Individual contact



·Our institution follows the ethical standards of the American Psychological Association and employs applicants who meet the qualifications and have no legal issues.

·For the protection of students, the applicant’s qualifications are required through the original certificate such as graduation certificate, transcript, and test results. 

·There should be no identity problem, and if necessary, you must proceed with a background check and be eligible to hire.


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