2006 A non-for-profit Open Clinic for Human Rights Victims was established  

"2006 A non-for-profit Open Clinic for crime victims and
Life and Human Rights Movement Headquarters were established."

Since 2006, Dr. Cho opened Open Clinic, which is a non-profit organization for crime victims who could not get psychological treatments due to financial difficulties. 

Children with traumatic experiences were treated and educated through various activities. At first, those children had hallucations from extremely high levels of anxiety and fear after having seen devastating crime scenes. They were at risk for further emotional distress. After a few years, children gradually found comfort, made friends, and progressed academically with the support from volunteers at the Open Clinic.

Additionally, the Open Clinic continuously networked with organizations that could provide legal support for crime and sexual assault victims. Such support helped the victims to find their voice and to take a step towards growth. 

Many supporters were the roots to the Open Clinic and encouraged its mission. The kind-hearts and supportive hands of various individuals gave happiness to many victims.