Dialectical Behavior Therapy Center of KoreaㅣHistory

As the first DBT Center in Asia, the DBT Center of Korea observes the ethical standards of both DBT practice and the American Psychological Association (APA).  
As a dedicated and committed organization to the relief of human suffering, we pursue the highest professional standards for administering quality DBT services. It is our commitment to meet every client with a firm belief that his or her unrelenting suffering can be relived to live a new life. 


While Dr. Cho was in a formal DBT clinical training at the Zucker-Hillside Hospital, he initiated DBT individual sessions and skill training groups for Korean immigrants in New York. 


The New York Times featured Dr. Cho for opening an Asian-American clinic at the Zucker Hillside Hospital, New York  


“Freud Meets Buddha: Therapy for Immigrants; Disorders From the East Emerge Here”  - New York Times By SARAH KERSHAW  Published: January 18, 2003   

(https://www.nytimes.com/2003/01/18/nyregion/freud-meets-buddha-therapy-for- immigrants-disorders-from-the-east-emerge-here.html)  


‘The Psychological Clinic in Seoul’ was founded  


Evidence-based psychological services for Korean and bilingual clients were provided  


'DBT Skill Training Manual for Borderline Personality Disorder' by Dr. Linehan was translated into Korean and published.


‘DBT Center of Korea’ was founded within the umbrella of the Tree Group and became the first affiliated organization in Asia with the Evidence Based Treatment Center of Seattle / DBT Center of Seattle approved by Dr. Marsha Linehan, the founder of DBT  


A EBTCS team of Dr. DuBose and Dr. Sayrs provided a 3-year consultation and supervised training for the team of DBT Center of Korea


The team of DBT Center of Korea completed DBT Intensive Training Workshop in Seattle  


Dr. Marsha Linehan, the founder of DBT and a renowned psychologist for treating Borderline Personality Disorder, was invited to hold a DBT workshop in Korea on treating Borderline Personality Disorder  


A ‘Meeting of Minds’ conference was held as a collaborative work of the ‘DBT Center of Korea’ and the ‘DBT Center of Seattle’ 


Psychotherapy Novel ‘Seven Rooms’ was published


‘Today’s Mindfulness Deck’ was published


'DBT Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets, 2nd edition,' 'DBT Skills Manual for Adolescents', 'DBT Skills Training Manual, 2nd edition' were published


DBT Experiential Class for professionals


The team of DBT Center of Korea participated in ISITDBT Online Conference


Quarterly DBT Experiential Class for professionals was launched

DBT Center of Korea was founded

2007.6: DBT Intensive Workshop Part I in Seattle
2007.9: DBCTS – DBTCK Accreditation
2007.9: DBCTS – DBTCK Accreditation
2008.1: DBT Intensive Workshop Part II in Seattle
2008.1: DBT Intensive Workshop Part II in Seattle
2008.1: DBT Intensive Workshop Part II in Seattle
2008.1: DBT Intensive Workshop Part II in Seattle
2008.10: ABCT in Florida
2008.1: EBTCS-DBTCK MOM (Meeting of Minds)

DBT Center of Korea and Dr. Linehan's workshop