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2017 “DBT Skills Manual for Adolescents” was published

In 2017, “DBT Skills Manual for Adolescents” was published.
“A manual for emotional dysregulation and borderline personality disorder
“DBT Skills Manual for Adolescents” was published.”

In 2017, “DBT Skills Manual for Adolescents” was published. Dr. Jill Rathus is a renowned professional who published countless research papers regarding DBT, CBT, adolescents suicide, marriage difficulties, violence in couples, anxiety and psychological evaluations. Dr. Allec Miller is a DBT expert who trains thousands of trainee clinical psychologists and he researched DBT, adolescents, child abuse and borderline personality disorder. 


Although DBT was being applied to adolescents due to a growing interest in adolescents’ behavioral problems, Dr. Jill Rathus and Dr. Allec Miller were disheartened that the treatment did not consider the psychological factors specific to adolescents. This became their motivation to develop and to publish “DBT Skills Manual for Adolescents”, which recognizes adolescents’ emotional and cognitive development and its difference to adults.


DBT for adolescents has brought therapeutic effects to adolescents with emotional dysregulation, borderline personality disorder and behavioral problems, but also to typical adolescents. The effectiveness of the treatment was proved by various research papers and clinical institutions from all around the world, which suggests that the strategies and skills in this book would be a useful tool for DBT Skills Trainer who has adolescent clients. 


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