International Psychological Services​

International Psychological Services

The Center for International Psychological Services provides specialised psychological and behavioural health services for people from the International community who are experiencing psychological and emotional difficulties. Our center provides only evidence-based psychological treatments that have been studied and applied rigorously by clinical psychologists around the world.  


It is our goal to alleviate the core symptoms first within a specified time frame and to assist our clients with accomplishing their personal goals for happiness. We evaluate our valuable clients with only state-of-the-art assessment tools and measures. 


It is our commitment to provide an evidence-based assessment to enrich clients’ psychological understanding with clear professional feedback. We are very proud to be a pioneer institution and to provide psychological, educational, neuropsychological, language, and diagnostic assessment both in English and Korean. 


Our comprehensive bi-lingual assessment was noted by numerous international schools and boarding schools around the world. Our discrete assessment, diagnosis, and feedback help to inform our clients and assist school teachers and counsellors with making a proper educational plan for the client. As a leading institution in bi-lingual/bi-cultural assessment, we dedicate ourselves to set a new standard in this field.

Dr. Witmer was concerned about the welfare of children who had extreme academic difficulties in school. He started evaluating their intellectual and psychological difficulties and treated them systematically. His systematic approach quickly became popular and similar psychological clinics opened all over the United States.



In the 1896 meeting of the American Psychological Association, he proposed the importance of helping people who need psychological services.


He wrote, “in the final analysis the progress of psychology, as of every other science, will be determined by the value and amount of its contributions to the advancement of the human race”.


This psychological clinic had an honourable mission of treating all people, as evidenced by his statement “for the treatment of all classes of children suffering from… (difficulties) interfering with school progress”.


His suggested principles have been applied to the training of clinical psychologists in North America and his pioneering works and vision are alive in our Center for International Psychological Services.

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