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The New Beginning Starts from the End of the Road

How will psychotherapy change your path?

The Blossom of Light Within, Lotus Flower @Icheon, Korea, 2022-08. Yong Cho
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Commitment to provide
the Evidence-Based Treatment

since 2003

Dr. Cho and his Team serve the Communities
in Korea and Asia

Center for International Psychological ServicesㅣOur Commitment and Mission

The Center for International Psychological Services provides specialized psychological and behavioral health services for people from the international community who are experiencing psychological and emotional difficulties. Our Center provides evidence-based psychological treatments that have been studied and applied rigorously by clinical psychologists around the world.

Psychological Clinic, the Beginning

The historical predecessor of the Center for International Psychological Services is the Psychological Clinic established in 1896 by a clinical psychologist named, Dr. Lightner Witmer.   

Dr. Cho & Treatment Team

The path of Dr. Cho and his treatment team is the walk of people who are suffering. Center for International Psychological Services is following the footstep of early pioneers of clinical psychology.

“For the past decades, I have encountered people who experienced suffering.

Children and teenagers, women, and men, the rich and the poor, the young and the aged, blue-collared and white-collared, Christians, Buddhists and Muslims….

They taught me one very precious lesson; that is, as human beings, everyone suffers from their own limitations and that I am not an exception.

This lesson has become the foundation of the Tree Group’s psychological services,

and we believe that it is our calling to help people relieved from their pain and suffering with advanced psychological knowledge and treatment.”

Yong Cho, Ph.D.ㅣChief Psychologist, the Tree Group​

When managing or controlling your feeling seems impossible……

Feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and discouragement

Language delay? Autism? Or both? Parents with autistic children may often feel like walking in a fog

Broken pieces of thoughts in the air, floating in your disorganized room

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Obsession and Compulsion: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) includes two characteristics: the first half consists of unwanted obsessions and recurrent thoughts, images, or impulses that cause significant distress, while the latter half consists of compulsions and repetitive behaviors or thoughts that you feel compelled to perform to get rid of the obsessions and feelings of distress.

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Extreme Fear of Specific Situations or Objects: Phobia

Specific Phobias refer to extreme fear of specific situations or objects which often leads to the avoiding behaviors. Those with specific phobias often display automatic and overwhelming fear when exposed to the situation or object that triggers fear and experience panic attack in extreme cases. 

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Tic & Tourette Syndrome

Tic and Tourette syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder which involves symptoms such as sudden twitches, movements or sounds and can be categorized into motor tics, vocal tics, and complex tics.

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“I no longer feel excessive anxiety from uncertainty in life…”

“The confidence of knowing that I can do anything made me feel delighted.”

“For the past 9 months, the DBT program helped me face things I simply endured, the part of me I avoided and did not look into during the process, the many wrong perspectives and my vulnerabilities.”

It is our mind, it is our pain and suffering

Only we can lower our suffering and balance our inner life

New choice, new path, and new future

Changing the course of your mind’s behavior and learning new skills with the help of professionals

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Behavior Therapy BT

Behavior therapy started with the scholarly study of behaviorism by eminent psychologists like Dr. Watson and Dr. Skinner in the early 1900s. The theoretical framework of behavior therapy was developed upon Pavlov and Thorndike’s classic and operant conditioning studies and Bandura’s social learning theory.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a psychotherapy treatment that was developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan at the University of Washington to treat borderline personality disorder (BPD) and chronic suicidal behaviors. It is an effective treatment for people who have difficulties with regulating emotions, interpersonal issues, anger control, chronic self-destructive behaviors, and other related difficulties.

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Prolonged Exposure Therapy PE

Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE) was developed by Edna B. Foa at the University of Pennsylvania. It is an evidence-based short-term treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) followed by a traumatic event such as a sexual assault, natural disaster, violent crime, torture, etc.  

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy CBT

Cognitive Behavior Therapy started with the depression studies of Dr. Aaron Beck in the early 1960s. Dr. Albert Ellis and behaviorists like Dr. Bandura further contributed to the development of cognitive behavior therapy. 

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Bicultural/ Bilingual Psychotherapy

The Center for International Psychological Services provides psychological services for clients with various cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Established in 2003, we are the first institution in Asia that provides English/Korean bilingual psychotherapy treatment as well as a formal psychological/psycho-educational assessment.

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Treatment Consultation for Parents & Guardian

Some parents, spouses and guardians suffer from their dependent’s emotional and behavioral problems; they need consultations with strict confidence and privacy protection. We provide professional treatment consultation services for parents and guardians who want to understand their dependent’s symptoms more objectively for a better treatment environment in Korea and to get more information about scientifically valid treatments.  

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Behavior Skills Training Class

DBT for Adults/Young Adults Skills Training Group is the backbone of DBT Standard program. Clients learn the four primary DBT skill training modules that help them manage their emotional and behavioral patterns better.  

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Appointments for Initial Intake Interview & Psychotherapy

Psychological/Psycho-educational Assessment

School of LifeㅣActive Learning Center

Testimonials of clients who participated our treatment program


It is the true story of clients who now create a new life


photo of man wearing brown coat

Today, I went to work

“For the past 9 months, the DBT program helped me face things I simply endured, the part of me I avoided and did not look into during the process, the many wrong perspectives and my vulnerabilities.”

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These differences were then named ‘mental faculty.’

Today, psychologists are able to measure various indices observed in our mind:

Intellectual ability, neuropsychological functioning, emotional/behavioral functioning, personality, academic achievement, and developmental states.

Assessment for Adults

The Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation for adult clients who speak either Korean or English, or both is designed to precisely measure their current psychological states, ranging from cognitive/intellectual functioning, personality, emotional behavioral patterns to interpersonal relationship. With the data from the evaluation results, Dr. Cho and his clinical team create an evidence-based clinical treatment plan.

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Assessment for Children & Adolescents

Center for International Psychological Services is one of the leading institutions in conducting the Comprehensive Psychological/Psycho-educational Evaluation in both English and Korean. The evaluation is designed to assess and analyze the child’s cognitive and intellectual abilities as well as emotional/behavioral/developmental states. We then use its results and data to create evidence-based clinical treatment plan.

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Comprehensive Psycho-educational Assessment

The Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation identifies not only the child’s current psychological struggles and symptoms, but also his or her current English language development and other academic states. The evaluation data plays a crucial role in guiding the clinicians to make scientifically informed decisions about creating an individualized psycho-educational plan that will help the child find the true happiness and fulfillment in life.

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Assessment for International School Professionals

Recruiting students who have the potentials to achieve academic success is an important mission for school administrators and admission officers. It is crucial for these professionals to be aware of the new admits’ intellectual abilities, English proficiency, expected academic achievement at their school as well as neuro-psychological functioning, personality and emotional/behavioral states.

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Focus on this moment
Notice what you are thinking and doing
And come back to your center
Listen to the voice of your wise mind
Breath-in your precious mindful time, Today!

DBT Life!

Start your day with Mindfulness TODAY

There are exciting news and stories at the Tree Group everyday. 


The stories of individuals with life changing moments through psychological treatments. 


The stories of individuals who have learnt to regulate their emotion and behavior through Dialectical Behavior Therapy.


The stories of children with developmental disorders having opportunities to learn and acquire skills, giving hope to their parents and families.

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