DBT Standard Program for Adults & Adolescent/Family

The DBT Standard Program is the scientifically proven treatment that follows Dr. Linehan's original clinical protocols.

DBT Standard Program 

DBT primarily focuses on reducing emotional distress by improving skills to regulate emotions and tolerate distress with the empirical framework of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness skills training. Since 2003, the Center for International Psychological Services at the Tree Group has been providing DBT services to people who are suffering from various disorders that include borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, chronic suicidal behaviors and emotion dysregulation related symptoms such as dissociation, depression, interpersonal difficulties, etc.  

The DBT Standard Program is the scientifically proven treatment that follows Dr. Linehan’s original clinical protocols. It has the very clear treatment structure with a weekly individual psychotherapy session and a skills training group session; the structure however could be varied depending on the urgent needs and/or complexity of the clients’ symptoms.  


During the DBT skills training group, clients learn to acquire mindfulness skills, interpersonal effectiveness skills, emotion regulation skills, and distress tolerance skills. They learn to apply these skills to their everyday lives in their DBT individual psychotherapy session, which is aimed to alter their unhelpful, negative behaviors into healthy, positive behaviors.  


For DBT to be effective and treat severe and complex symptoms, clients must participate voluntarily with full commitment as the skills must be learned and practiced for an extended period of time. The typical duration of DBT Standard Program is 12 months of one weekly individual psychotherapy session and one skills training group session. 


In the beginning of DBT individual psychotherapy sessions, clients will be given basic orientation and rational of DBT, an introduction to behavioral analysis and how to fill out a DBT diary card.  The clients will identify their own treatment goals and should make a full commitment to participate in the treatment.  


Standard DBT and Primary Target Goals 

– Pre-treatment: DBT orientation and agreement of treatment plan 

    1) Pre-treatment evaluation 

    2) Orientation and agreement of treatment plan 


– DBT Stage 1: acquire basic skills and reduce impulsive behaviors 

    1) Reduce life-threatening behaviors 

    2) Reduce treatment-interfering behaviors 

    3) Improve quality of life 

    4) Improve behavioral skills 


– DBT Stage 2: reducing trauma-related stress and symptomatic issues 

    1) Reduce trauma-related symptoms 

    2) Reduce residual mental disorders with moderate severity not treated in Stage 1 

    3) Reduce intensity and duration of emotional dysregulation 


– DBT Stage 3: facilitate self-respect and help clients achieve their own personal goals 

    1) Solve problems in living 

    2) Achieve personal goals


– DBT Stage 4: increase self-confidence, happiness, and find meaning in life 

    1) Solve problems of human incompleteness 

    2) Find freedom and happiness 

DBT for Adults & Young Adults

DBT Standard Program for Adults/Young Adults is for clients who experience extreme emotional dysregulation, have trouble managing interpersonal conflicts, and display self-destructive and impulsive behaviors that lead to negative consequences triggered by unstable emotional state.  

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