Our Psychological Assessment

The early psychologists used scientific measures to analyze different abilities and limitations that individuals had.

These differences were then named ‘mental faculty.'

Today, psychologists are able to measure various indices observed in our mind:

Intellectual ability, neuropsychological functioning, emotional/behavioral functioning, personality, academic achievement, and developmental states.

As a psychology firm, we pursue to be the leading center that uses the most advanced psychological assessment in Korea. With scientific scrutiny and genuine care for our clients, we are dedicated to providing evidence-based only assessments and measures. From the initial diagnostic assessments for adult clients to psycho-educational assessments for children and adolescents, we strive to provide the most reliable psychological assessments that are accepted different countries around the world. Our clinicians, who are professionally qualified and bilingual in English and Korean, provide the Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation to both Korean-speaking and Korean-English bilingual children and adolescents, abiding by the ethical standards and guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association (APA).


At the Tree Group, we use the most recent version of the assessment tools to measure intellectual, personality, neuro-psychological, emotional and behavioral functioning. During the initial diagnostic interview, we identify the client’s primary language to select the suitable language testing battery, either Korean or English, and for bilingual clients, we use both sets of Korean-English test batteries.  All procedures and components in the assessment we use are equivalent to those of the psychological assessments used in all English-speaking countries.

Assessment for Adults

The Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation for adult clients who speak either Korean or English, or both is designed to precisely measure their current psychological states, ranging from cognitive/intellectual functioning, personality, emotional behavioral patterns to interpersonal relationship. With the data from the evaluation results, Dr. Cho and his clinical team create an evidence-based clinical treatment plan.

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Assessment for Children & Adolescents

Center for International Psychological Services is one of the leading institutions in conducting the Comprehensive Psychological/Psycho-educational Evaluation in both English and Korean. The evaluation is designed to assess and analyze the child’s cognitive and intellectual abilities as well as emotional/behavioral/developmental states. We then use its results and data to create evidence-based clinical treatment plan.

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Assessment for International School Professionals

Recruiting students who have the potentials to achieve academic success is an important mission for school administrators and admission officers. It is crucial for these professionals to be aware of the new admits’ intellectual abilities, English proficiency, expected academic achievement at their school as well as neuro-psychological functioning, personality and emotional/behavioral states.

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Comprehensive Psycho-educational Assessment

The Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation identifies not only the child’s current psychological struggles and symptoms, but also his or her current English language development and other academic states. The evaluation data plays a crucial role in guiding the clinicians to make scientifically informed decisions about creating an individualized psycho-educational plan that will help the child find the true happiness and fulfillment in life.

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