Assessment for International School Professionals

Assessment for International School Professionals

Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation and Aptitude Assessment for International School Professionals

Recruiting students who have the potentials to achieve academic success is an important mission for school administrators and admission officers. It is crucial for these professionals to be aware of the new admits’ intellectual abilities, English proficiency, expected academic achievement at their school as well as neuro-psychological functioning, personality and emotional/behavioral states.


At the Center for International Psychological Services of the Tree Group, we provide Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation services for prospective students who plan to attend international or English-speaking schools. Our expertise in conducting bilingual evaluation, currently in English and Korean, assists the admission officers in making an informed decision before admitting a particular student. The evaluation data is also valuable for both the student and the parents to identify his or her strengths and weaknesses that should either be nurtured or compensated.


We also provide a comprehensive psycho-educational service to students who are struggling academically at international or English-speaking schools. It is not uncommon to observe that their academic struggles are related to delay in English language acquisition, learning disabilities, and diagnosable developmental or emotional issues. Particularly, if a child struggles in an ESL class for more than two years, we strongly recommend to take the Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation to identify the core factors that have created such hurdle. Early identification of these factors and receiving an accurate diagnosis from a qualified bilingual clinician is critical. These information will then be communicated to schoolteachers who can make a sound teaching plan for the student.


As a clinical and psycho-educational institution, we aim to incorporate the latest psycho-educational research data into our treatment practice. It is our mission to assist parents and teachers with understanding the struggles which their child or student is going though so he or she can be successful at school.

Comprehensive Psycho-educational Assessment

The Comprehensive Psycho-educational Evaluation identifies not only the child’s current psychological struggles and symptoms, but also his or her current English language development and other academic states. The evaluation data plays a crucial role in guiding the clinicians to make scientifically informed decisions about creating an individualized psycho-educational plan that will help the child find the true happiness and fulfillment in life.

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