Assessment for Adults

Assessment for Adults


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Preliminary Assessment and Administrative Procedures (Online/Offline for 30 minutes)

Initial Diagnostic Interview (1-2 hours)

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation (6-8 hours)

Clinician Feedback (1 hour)

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation Report (10-20 hours) 

Initial Diagnostic Interview (2 hours)

An accurate diagnosis is the crucial component in providing a client with the most suitable and effective clinical treatment service. Providing a scientifically valid diagnosis and identifying the core symptoms of the client require extensive clinical experience and qualification. Dr. Cho and his team pursue excellence in diagnosing and providing non-abrasive treatment recommendations for all adult clients who have ever come to the clinic for professional assistance. The initial screening test and diagnostic interview are designed to have a complete diagnostic picture of a person’s current states before creating an effective treatment plan. This interview process is also a part of the Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation.

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation for Adults (30 – 40 hours)

The Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation for adult clients who speak either Korean or English, or both is designed to precisely measure their current psychological states, ranging from cognitive/intellectual functioning, personality, emotional behavioral patterns to interpersonal relationship. With the data from the evaluation results, Dr. Cho and his clinical team create an evidence-based clinical treatment plan, which reflects the client’s strengths and weaknesses so he or she can plan and build a better future.

The evaluation is also provided in two languages – Korean and English – for young adult clients who are studying abroad at English-speaking higher education institutions, identifying their struggles in the academic, emotional, and/or social realms.


Common Questions that Lead to the Bilingual Comprehensive Psychological/Psycho-educational Evaluation:

✔️  I am currently studying abroad at an English-speaking college. I have trouble focusing on my studies and completing exams or my thesis paper.

✔️  I want to know my strengths and potentials with an accurate, scientific measure before I redirect my career path.

✔️  I have difficulties making or maintaining relationships at college or work. What exact problems do I have?

✔️  As an executive officer of a multicultural company, I would like to learn of my cognitive and interpersonal relational strengths and weaknesses, so I can effectively manage the human resources and the company as a whole.

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