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Learning to love myself

I had doubted the purpose of life when I had to tolerate the painful difficulties, although I understood that life cannot be always without obstacles.

Palm the Present Moment

The DBT Skills Training Group have practiced mindfulness by palming the present moment to be aware of current presence.

GLAD technique

[Mindfulness Today 08] GLAD technique Notice happiness from the mindful moments By 이승하 Seungha Lee, MSc In the previous DBT skills training group, we practiced the Gratitude, Learned, Accomplishment, Delight (GLAD) Technique to experience the mindfulness of having a peaceful state of mind.     Read the following instructions, and notice the happiness from the mindful moments.  

DBT Half-smile

In the previous DBT skills training group, we practiced the Opposite Action skill through the half-smile mindfulness to experience one of the emotion regulation skills.